probotix-anti-aging-serum.jpg When one hears the word bacteria, the first thing that comes to the mind is "its bad". However a recent study has shown that not all bacteria is bad and some bacteria living on our skin provide the nourishments depleted by UV rays, pollution and stress. These are the good bacteria called probiotics. So far they have been used to help people with stomach problems but now, they have entered the cosmetics industry also. Now, Cosmetics manufacturer Bioelements has taken the initiative and introduced their Probotix Anti-Aging Serum in the market.

a. This product combines a blend of probiotic actives with nourishing milk proteins.
b. It reduces wrinkles and improves elasticity.
c. It helps the skin to regain its natural microflora balance.
d. It replenishes the good germs that are lost by the skin daily.
e. It balances the skin and makes it radiant and strong.
f. It can also help in fighting the vagaries of aging.
g. It does not use any artificial colors, synthetic fragrance and is not tested on animals.
h. For best results it should be applied every night on the face and neck area.
i. It is available only in select spas and salons.

a. The efficacy of probiotics in rejuvenating the skin has not been well studied.
b. More research is needed in this field.