The fight against wrinkles and aging is an ongoing process. Companies are spending more on research and leading extensive studies on developing products that can make the skin more resilient and smooth. Now, a new clinical study indicates that bicyclic monoterpene diols (BMTd) can be employed to treat photodamaged skin more effectively. This was announced by AGI Dermatics, the bio-pharmaceutical laboratory that has led research of DNA repair of the skin for more than 20 years, at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Study Findings
a. AGI Dermatics is the company behind this discovery.
b. The benefits of BMTd was presented at the 65th annual meeting of the American Academy
of Dermatology by AGI Dermatics.
c. These are highly effective agents in treating photodamaged skin.
d. It significantly increases the production of collagen and decreases the production of collagenases.
e. They help in maintaining high collagen levels within the layers of sun-exposed skin.
f. They increase circulation by boosting nitric acid levels.