Bioactive-Platelet-Therapy.jpg Cellular rejuvenation is a necessity in today's fast-paced world. Due to a hectic lifestyle, one doesn't get to rest too much. The lack of rest and excess stress causes the cells in the body to degenerate at a faster rate. There is a new cell rejuvenation therapy that involves the use of the patient's own plasma. The cell rejuvenation therapy is called Bioactive Platelet Therapy.

Therapy Highlights
a. This is a cellular rejuvenation therapy.
b. The patient's own bioactive platelet-rich plasma is used in this treatment.
c. The plasma is a natural alternative for dermal volumetric regeneration and rejuvenation.
d. It involves the use of a bio-stimulation injection technique to infuse the plasma.
e. A doctor takes the blood of a patient from which the plasma is removed and centrifuged to separate other blood components.
f. The plasma is then injected into and under the skin's second layer.
g. This therapy kicks off a regeneration process like the formation of a tridimensional fibrin scaffold, release of growth factors (thrombocytes and leukocytes), chemo-attraction of macrophages and stem cells and induction of stem cell proliferation and differentiation.

Benefits of Bioactive Platelet Therapy
a. It rejuvenates the cells and regenerates them.
b. It regenerates damaged skin and hypodermal tissues.
c. It fastens the body's natural healing process and acts as a biological glue for tissue adhesion.
d. It creates a healthy environment for stem cell growth.
e. It can also be used to remove deep wrinkles and lines.
f. It helps in reducing the appearance of scars and improves skin texture.