bobbi-brown-living-beauty.jpg The trend today is to run to a surgeon at the first sign of a wrinkle. People are becoming too dependent on fillers and botox injections to give them a youthful look. This, in turn, is building up a population who look unnaturally young. Bobbi Brown deals with all this and more in her book Living Beauty. Citing examples of celebrities who prefer to age naturally while looking gorgeous, Brown seeks to inspire people to accept age with grace and retain their youth through simple and healthy habits.

Book review
a. This book gives tips for healthy eating and the correct diet.
b. It reveals how to fight fading lip color, brown spots and dull skin.
c. It guides a woman on how to choose the right lipstick for the best effect.
d. It features glamorous and famous women and their experiences.
e. It guides a woman on how to look good without resorting to surgery and fillers.
f. It is all about healthy living.
g. It costs $29.99 and is available online at