body-banking.jpg The anti-aging industry has never had it so good. Continuous efforts are on to help people retain their youth. Now, the latest extreme anti-aging trend is called body banking.. Through this process people can literally attain eternal youth. Though research is still on, experts are hopeful that this will soon become a norm. Body banking allows people to freeze their skin, eggs, cells and even the entire body for future cosmetic procedures.

Program features
a. It will soon be possible for people to store their own collagen for future use. As collagen degeneration is one of the causes of wrinkles and lines, this will be a major boon for people who want to retain their good looks.
b. ReCell or CellSpray uses a person's skin to produce a sprayable skin containing the cells necessary for the growth of healthy skin. Skin cells can also be developed in a laboratory for future use.
c. In the US, fat of a person is frozen for later use in cheek augmentation and similar facial procedures because it brings down the chances of allergic reactions.
d. In the US, varicose veins from the legs can be stored for later use on the face as a filler.
e. Researchers are hopeful that technology will soon allow them to store hair follicles to help deal with future hair loss.
f. Researchers are working on foolproof method to freeze healthy eggs in case people decide to have children later on in life. This procedure does exist but it has complications and costs around £2,000 and £2,500, and annual storage fees of £100 and £250.
g. Ovarian cryopreservation is a procedure where slivers of ovaries from cancer patients are removed and frozen before treatment and then implanted after the treatment is over.
h. Alcor, a US-based company, has a system of vitrifying the entire body where almost 60 per cent of the body cells' water content is replaced with chemicals and stored. It costs around £85,000.
i. Virgin Health Bank preserves stem cells from the blood of a newborn child's umbilical cord. These cells can help in future problems like heart attacks and retinal degradation.