muscle-your-way-through-menopause-and-beyond.jpg Although, there are multiple therapies to treat the problems of menopause, none is reliable or without any side effects. A new book titled “Muscle your way through menopause and beyond” by Judith Sherman-Wolin (former health fitness consultant) covers abundant information to address menopausal problems. The book has abundant information on staying young and fit.

Book Review
a. The book shows menopausal women 50 different exercises (with photos) that are especially useful to burn excess fat and build up muscle tissue.
b. The book has sections on how to arrest aging and beat menopause problems.
c. The book discusses the problem of reduced bone density (Osteoporosis) prominent in women after menopause and measures to overcome it.
d. If the instructions in the book are followed well the results would be evident within 6-weeks.
e. Book is available for sale online at, buy the book for $17.95