Brain health, brain healthy food, brain exercises, brain workshops and programs is the new trend catching up among many baby boomers. In coming 5 years the new trend is expected to rise, achieving significant breakthroughs, providing Baby boomers all the needed help to combat aging mentally. Whether, in future science could bring an effective remedy to arrest aging, is not certain. But full blown efforts are on to improve brain health and reinstate brains power of intellect, memory of youthful days in baby boomers.

Latest Developments
a. Organizations are offering tips for brain health and numerous brain work shops are conducted by Alzheimer’s Association.
b. MetLife insurance company is sending its customers a 61-page book “Love Your Brain”. Brain fitness software is released by Humana, for a price tag of $495. It is also conducting brain fitness camps.
c. Websites, such as and exclusively dealing with brain health have been launched
d. A video game called Nintendo’s Brain Age has come out. This calculates the brain age.
e. Brain fitness centers have has started and are believed to aid in improving concentration and memory. These brain fitness centers give all the relevant information to the patients.
f. Animal research has shown positive results with brain programs, but the medical community feels that, there is no concrete evidence, to prove the efficacy of brain health programs in improving brain health.
g. It is found that cardiovascular exercises would help brain as it improves blood circulation.
h. A segment of experts strongly believe that brain health programs reduce the risk of dementia.