clarity-skin-rejuvination-light.jpg The NatureBrights home health and wellness light therapy products have made a dent in aesthetic market, with even stars and celebrities making use of it. It is specifically designed-- safe, holistic complexion treatment. The product is designed to use the healing properties of light. It gives the users youthful complexion thus, boosting their confidence.

Product Features

a. The Clarity lamp uses clinical proven combination of blue and red frequency light to erase small wrinkles, pimples and spots.
b. It restores skin elasticity and moisture in the skin.
c. Each treatment session takes 15 minutes time.
d. The Complete Light System which includes the classic model and a set of 6 additional bulbs to make the unit adjustable to intensive Anti-Aging and Anti-Bacteria lights is sold for $249.00\
e. The dimensions of of the Clarity lamp is 17"H x 12"W x 9 "D, 10 lbs.
f. Protection Goggles Included with the purchase
d. For more information on NatureBright's products visit