cholorine-free-water.jpg Bathing with chlorinated water leads to many conditions such as brittle hair, aging skin and various allergies. To make chlorine-free water available, there are some companies offering differnet products.

a. Pure Solutions offers a showerhead equipped with charcoal filter inside to make water chlorine-free which costs about $30.
b. Green Suites International offers a shower filter which contains KDF-55 filter media. This shower filter eliminates 90 percent or more chlorine from water by using zinc and copper. It spans from 12-15 months and priced about $30-$35.
c. Right Stuff One LLC, Cleveland, Ohio brings out a non-charcoal-based KDF-55 shower filter which cuts down water consumption heating-related costs up to 50 percent. It is priced at
$50. This filter with its copper acts as a fungicide.
d. Sonaki America, Brea, Calif has come out with its new showerhead that use pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C in the filters to remove chlorine. This showerheads (with two filters) start at $79.
e. Water & Salt Consulting, Sac City, Iowa offers its showerheads which filters chlorine as well as other contaminants. A showerhead and filter system cost about $249 and a replacement filter for $189.