Skin friendly clothes are the latest cosmetic accessories. Online skincare retailer,, has recently introduced two new line of apparels named yelomod and blumod developed by SunSoul Inc., a Toronto-based company. These AVEA Phototherapeutic Apparel uses an innovative fabric which delivers the sun's therapeutic wavelengths to the skin, improving fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Highlights of the yelomod and blumod clothing line
a. This is a knit of fluorescent polymer fibers.
b. It blocks out UV rays with a UPF of 50+ and allows the sun's beneficial yellow rays to penetrate through to the skin.
c. It is a tempting alternative to costly products or medical procedures.
d. It is available in both short sleeve and long sleeve shirts for men and women in popular sporty designs.
e. Tank tops are also available for women.
f. It also has unisex hats and visors.
g. These clothes are ideal for any outdoor activity, including golfing, running, hiking, fishing, boating and more.
h. It combines the properties of high-end outdoor fabrics with effective laser treatment.
i. Fluorescent pigments are imbedded in the material's matrix to facilitate transmission of light within a narrow spectral range to improve the appearance of skin.
j. The transmitted light can be adjusted to different wavelengths to help remove blemishes, damaged skin or aging skin.

Highlights of blumöd
a. These are comfortable, trendy, high-tech shirt engineered for skin wellbeing.
b. The fluorescent compounds in the material convert UV light into high-intensity blue light.
c. The blumöd material ensures that blue light reacts with tiny molecules generated by skin bacteria, called porphyrins, and oxygen, which suppresses bacterial growth.
d. It makes the skin radiant and healthy.
e. It improves the appearance of damaged skin.
f. The dense polymer matrix blocks the harmful UV rays of sunlight.
g. It needs to be worn in the sun only a few hours a week for results to show.

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