collagen-marshmallows.jpg To cash on booming market for ‘Functional Foods’ which contain healthy additives, Eiwa Confectionery sweetmakers is going to release marshmallow in UK. These foods, contains cholesterol-busting ingredients and anti-ageing supplements. The sweet looks the same as a traditional soft marshmallow and is sold in 50g and 100g packets. It costs the British equivalent of 60 pence. Each marshmallow contains 3000mg of collagen and the makers claim that eating them will have the same effect as a collagen injection, which costs at least £200 in the UK and the effects of which can sometimes only last a couple of months. The makers said that marshmallow fans should not eat more than 25g a day, due to health risks associated with excessive intake of collagen. Eating collagen marshmallows also are known to plump cheeks and lips.