Cenegenics-age-management-company.gif Unorthodox treatments are always controversial. The anti-aging treatment of Cenegenics is the latest to join this group. Though their treatments are said to be very effective and patient friendly, some are of the opinion that it can have adverse effects in the long run. Even then, people are willing to try this out sice it promises a better and healthier life.

Program highlights
a. Cenegenics age management program is customized to suit individual clients.
b. It helps a person to live a longer and healthier life.
c. The treatment consist of four areas of treatment namely, Hormonal Optimization program, Neutraceuticals program, Nutrition program and an exercise program.
d. This helps a person to fight a host of diseases.
e. Possible side effects are diabetes, joint pain, high blood pressure and prostate cancer.
f. It involves the use of a steroid stimulator twice a week.
g. It supposedly improves energy, muscle tone, bone density, intellect and sexual performance.