Most producers of anti aging products target the older customers. Typical claims made by these companies are removal of fine lines and wrinkles, vibrant and youthful skin and other related enhancement of physical appearance. Now Unilever's new Dove marketing campaign seeks to celebrate the older woman. Dove wants to capture the aging generation's increased spending power and help them maintain healthy and active lifestyles. Their new pro-age campaign is all set to be unconventionally interesting.

Campaign Features
a. It will feature 50 plus women and reveal their honest and real beauty.
b. Photographer Annie Leibovitz will take care to shoot older women with age spots, curves and grey hair.
c. The aim of this campaign is to change the attitude from negative and fear-driven to affirmative and hope-driven.
d. It departs from conventional campaigns of most anti-aging products.
e. It emphasizes its new line of 'pro-age' products which can enhance the appearance of older women, rather than changing just the physical appearance.
f. This collection consists of a hand cream, body lotion, body cream oil and a neck and chest serum, to get a sample of Dove Pro-age products - click here.
g. These products are specifically formulated to meet the needs of women in this age group.
h. To view Dove Pro-age ads - click here

Note: The ad is in German