To be beautiful and healthy, cosmetic surgery and cosmetics are not the only options. Eating seasonal fruits can keep the skin and hair more beautiful and healthier than going for the options that are artificial.

Some beneficial fruits and rich sources of vitamins

a. Chinese matrimony vine is a rich source of vitamin C, beta-carotin and iron. It effectively removes wrinkles and increases libido. One can eat it and drink it as tea or juice. The recommended intake 15 to 30g / day.
b. The caffeine in coffee beans can dissolve the fat and the aging of the skin can be corrected by the natural polyphenol ingredient if the coffee beans are directly rubbed to the part that has excess cellulite.
c. Eating pomegranate makes you get rid of the problems wrinkles, fatigue, appetite and indigestion. It also improves menopausal symptoms such as facial flushing or dry mouth and makes the skin firmer.
d. Salmon, tuna and mackerel are the sources of unsaturated fatty acids and they will help you look younger. They also have vitamins B & D which can improve hair and nails.
e. Tea with mulberry leaves will give you good complexion. Apricot with it plenty of lutein helps your skin.
f. Clams and pumpkin seeds will make it possible for you to have healthier nails with zinc in them and also Oysters and fish have similar effects. In the UK pumpkin seeds also well-known as 'Viagra for women'. The recommended intake of pumpkin seeds is 20- 30g.
g. Avocado, which is the rich source of vitamin E and iron good for nails and hair.