The first of its kind, energy drink named Steaz® Energy has been released by Healthy Beverage Co. The drink has energy boosting, health promoting and anti-aging properties.

Product Review
a. The Steaz® Energy® drink contains 3 times caffeine present in green tea.
b. Is made out of Brazilian fruit named Acai that has 33 times anthocyanin content of grapes and red wine. The drink contains a combination of fiber, fatty acids, amino acids and flavonoids.
c. Contains pure organic sugar cane juice that does not posses any artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. This can boost the energy levels to a significant level.
d. Is priced at $1.99, available in 7,000 stores across US.
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f. The ingredients of the Steaz® Energy® drink are Pure Green Tea, Natural sugarcane juice and pure mountain water.
g. THe Steaz® energy drink comes in 8 natural flavors.