micro-miracles-discover-the-healing-power-of-enzymes.jpg Enzymes are complex protein molecules found in our body. It helps purify our blood, break down fats, clean the colon, maintain our cholesterol and give us energy. It affects our entire immune function. Its use as a diet supplement and has been popular since ancient times for the prevention of various diseases.
A study conducted in an university has found that patients taking InflammEnz ( a enzyme supplement ) after plastic surgery, have shown lesser redness and faster recovery.

Program Benefits
a. Enzyme supplements helps in indigestion, inflammation and various other diseases.
b. The recovery rate of patients taking enzyme supplements is almost 20 % faster.
c. Its use can be cost affective for patients in terms of less recuperation period after plastic surgery and less leave from work.
d. Enzymes, Inc. a leading provider of enzyme based supplements uses only vegetarian ingredients in its supplements.
e. To read more on the healing power of enzymes Dr. Ellen W. Cutler, DC’s new book “ Micro Miracles Discover the healing power of enzymes today” is available for $10.85
f. To view the study conducted at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas - Click here