Off late more and more doctors are not recommending Estrogen therapy, despite its skin improvement properties to women in menopause. Animal and test tube studies, have shown benefits of using Estrogen, however there are some other risk factors associated with using Estrogen during menopause.

Health Benefits
a. Estrogen helps skin hydration by increasing natural hyaluronic acid.
b. Dermis, (middle layer of skin) is thickened due to increase in collagen and thus quickens the wound healing.
c. According to paper published in journal Fertility and Sterility, it is effective in enhancing the appearance of the Aging skin.

But other risk factors associated with using this hormone therapy for skin improvement, is keeping away doctors in prescribing it. That is estrogen pill can cause blood clots and stroke, as per Dr. Alan Altman, a menopause expert, of Brookline, Mass.