Carole Maggio, a renowned exponent of facial exercises, has developed a series of synergistic facial exercises which is revealed in her book FACERCISE and DVDs and CDs. These exercises are unique and can offer people what is usually achieved through cosmetic surgeries and dermal fillers. Even experts in the medical fraternity have vouched for the efficacy of these exercises which have found followers all over the world.

Major features
a. It is a series of synergistic facial exercises.
b. It strengthens and develops facial muscles, improves skin and gives one a younger look.
c. It stresses on developing separate facial muscles and features.
d. It is very effective.
e. Results are visible within a few days.
f. It can lift eyebrows, enlarge eye sockets, reduce eye bags and puffiness, restructure nose, improve skin tone, give lips a fuller look, define the chin, neck and jaw line and even lead to a better complexion.
g. This is a better alternative to cosmetic surgery and botox.
h. It can be done from the comforts of one's home.
i. It has the distinction of being included in the top 100 beauty products in the world by Harpers & Queen.