A powerful anti-aging pill is now available in the market. According to an unpublished study, the pill, TA-65, is highly effective in reversing the aging process by rejuvenating the cells and restoring the telemores which are the ends of the chromosomes. A product of TS Sciences, it is the basic component of a year long anti-aging program called the Patton Protocol. In a 12 week study conducted on humans, the results have shown that subjects who were on TA-65 had significant improvement in their immune system, vision, skin

Highlights of the new anti-aging pill TA-65
a. It is a single, purified molecule extracted from the astragalus plant.
b. It rejuvenates the cells and makes them younger.
c. It protects the cell chromosomes whose ends, called telomeres, get shorter as the cells get older.
d. This product activates an enzyme that restores the ends of chromosomes to reverse the cell's age.
e. It is a highly effective anti-aging product.
f. Trials have shown positive results.
g. It improves the immune system, skin condition, eyesight and male sexual function.
h. The pills are available only in New York.
i. A customer has to sign up for a year-long protocol.
j. This is a nutraceutical capsule.
k. It is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming this product.

$25,000 for a one year supply of the pill plus nutritional supplements and five series of medical exams.