g3-superfruit.jpg South East Asia is a treasure house of natural bounty. The fruits and plants available in this place have long eluded the western world. Now, Nuskin and Pharmanex have used three South East Asian superfruits to create a juice with high levels of anti oxidants. Their g3 Gac Superfruit Blend fruit juice is available for sale at Pharmanex.com. According to research, this juice has more vitamins than oranges, carrots and tomatoes put together.

Major Features
a. The g3 Gac superfruit blend is a combination of Chinese lyceum from southern China, Siberian pineapple fruit from Asia and cili fruit from the mountains of China along with lipocarotenes found in gac fruit.
b. The ingredient Lipocarotenes releases highly bioavailable cartenoids in to the body.
c. This blend stimulates the rejuvenation of cells.
d. It has anti-aging properties.
e. It acts as a protection for DNA.
f. It produces anti-oxidants to fight against vascular and cellular free radical damage.
g. It boosts the immune system.
h. It is a very good source of multi-vitamins.
i. It helps in fighting diabetic retinopathy, an eye failure symptom caused by diabetes.
k. The g3 Juice 6-pack costs $219.90 to buy click here