With estimated number of aging population set to double by the year 2030, so are the problems associated with the aged. A new field of dermatology called geriatric dermatology is creating its own identity in catering to the skin aliments of the aged. As one ages the physiology of the skin changes, necessitating special medications and care to suit the requirements of those old aged. But it is essential to take following measures in dealing with aged patients.

Program Highlights
a. In Geriatric dermatology doctors often ask their patients on what medication they are currently using to check if there could be any drug reactions.
b. Doctors ask whether the patient is using any over-the-counter medications.
c. Its recommended to give Geriatric patients a pre-scheduled follow-up appointment, which eliminates the problems associated with scheduling and calling up for appointments, which is problematic for elderly patients.
e. Take note of already existing diseases, before taking any decision on surgery or dosage of medications.
f. The Geriatric patients daily functional status has to be evaluated and the patients bodily nutritional condition also has to be evaluated.