The exposure to sun whether it is good or bad for health has become controversial within the medical community. According to American Cancer Society, about 1 million people would be diagnosed with cancer this year, because of too much exposure to sunlight. Countering this argument Dr.Michael Holick, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University School of Medicine, said that avoiding sunlight totally stop the natural ways of producing vitamin D & this may increase the risk of serious diseases like breast cancer, colon cancer & prostate cancer.

Holick recommends "sensible sun exposure", in general, 15 minutes of strong sunlight (without sunscreen) on the hands, face and arms three times a week. Fair-skinned people in sunny places may need even less time than that, he says. According to Dr.Gilchrest, Holick’s basic guidelines for sun exposure are reasonable, but many people stand in sun for more than 15 minutes, thus increasing the risk of skin cancer. Rather than exposure to sun she recommends taking vitamin D supplements to avoid risk.