handspa-machine.jpg Aging hands can be most profound in revealing one's age, as per The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. So those aspiring to look young need to focus on hands also. A machine called Handspa does the job of restoring youthful appearance of hands.

Major Benefits
a. The procedure placing hands inside the gadget for 10 minutes. There is a light emitting diode, which stimulates cell activity under the skin. This activation of cells increases binding of collagen; which shows result in hands with a youthful glow.
b. The machine is FDA approved for pain relief.
c. It is easy and a safe procedure.
d. One has to undergo 6 sessions. The noticeable results are seen after 3 sessions.
e. The procedure costs $10-$30 for each session.
f. The procedure, is not recommended for those suffering from migraine or women sensitive to blinking lights.