helio-care-sun-protection-pill.jpgExposure to sun rays is the main reason for about 90% of the skin cancers. A new dietary pill is released in the US to protect from dangerous UV radiation. The sun protection pill is called Heliocare® (Polypodium leucotomos), and is quite popular in Europe. Heliocare sun protection pill becomes active within 30 minutes of taking the pill and destroys the free radicals released in the body due to UV radiation. There have been no side effects detected with the pill. Studies have shown that with the use of Heloocare pill, users have seen less reddening and skin damage after exposure to UV radiation. Heliocare is recommended for people who spend a lot of time in sunlight. Experts recommend that despite using Heliocare pill, its safe to stay out of the sun during peak hours of sunlight. The price of 60 pills of Heliocare costs around $50