glyconutrients.jpg The human body needs certain essential sugars to maintain health and wellbeing. Unfortunately these sugars are not found in the food that is consumed daily. To remove this deficiency, Mannatech, had introduced the glyconutrient Ambrotose in the market in 1996 after years of careful research. Now this same company has given a grant to independent researchers to conduct a study on more than 7000 people, who had taken the company's glyconutritional products, and 13,000 people who used supplements produced by other companies for the last 13 years. The aging and immune system's progress of the two study groups will be compared to reach a conclusion.

Ambrotose supplement review
a. This supplement contains plant-based saccharides.
b. The essential sugars in the supplement stimulate and rejuvenate cellular functions in the body.
c. It improves the immune system.
d. It was introduced after 10 years of extensive research.
e. It can positively influence the essential aging and immunity biomarkers.
f. It can strengthen bones, maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels and rejuvenate cells.
g. It leads to the general well being and overall health.
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