Many women often concentrate only on their face to ward off aging signs. They often neglect their hands, which often reveal their true age. Dermatologists often receive complains from women that their hands are looking older than their rest of the body. The two factors which make hands to look aged are, change of texture and pigmentation. To ward off the aging signs a new hand rejuvenation treatment called Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is done that is superior to all the existing procedures.

Procedure Highlights
a. The treatment uses a laser like device to discharge, pulsed lights to remove dark spots on hands.
b. The number of treatments required to show good results are 1-6 sessions.
c. Skin's texture can also be improved by this treatment.
d. The pulse light treatment does not help fat loss in hands
e. Experts recommend using a combination of Sunscreens, moisturizing creams & topical creams after the treatment to prevent any further damage.

Doctors practicing Intense pulse laser for hands
Dr. Jaime Garza, Texas
Dr. Sydney Coleman, NY