prevagen-jelly-fish-anti-aging.jpg This is the latest from the anti-aging industry. A Madison company, Quincy Bioscience LLC, is developing a dietary supplement that contains jellyfish proteins. According to clinical trials, this protein, called aequorin, can protect neurons and replenish calcium and protein that is lost by the human body with advancing age. The product Prevagen Professional will be exhibited at the 2007 CAMEXPO East Conference which will be held in New York.

Highlights of Prevagen Anti-Aging dietary supplement
a. Its main ingredient is the jellyfish protein, aequorin.
b. It has an amazing age-fighting potential.
c. Scientific tests have shown that it has the ability to keep more brain cells alive.
d. It prevents cellular death by almost 50 per cent.
e. It can replenish the depletion of calcium and proteins due to aging.
f. This product is available only through healthcare professionals.
g. It will be made available in September 2007.