joan-collins-the-art-of-living-well.jpg Botox and plastic surgery have always been seen as the weapon to fight the aging process. However, Hollywood diva Joan Collins begs to differ. She has come out with a book, The Art Of Living Well, that reveals her personal views and gives tips on how to have a great life. Collins says the only way to stay young is to live right.

Book Review
a. This book reveals how to look and feel great.
b. It contains behind-the -scenes Hollywood anecdotes.
c. Joan Collins writes about her personal anti-aging and exercise routines in this book.
d. She gives tips on how to be a great entertainer.
e. She reveals what she eats and does to feel good about herself.
f. The book stresses on the importance of the right attitude.
g. Its retail price is $24.95 and is available at