The industry for anti aging products and procedures is growing at a tremendous rate. More and more companies are rushing to cash in on this trend. One such life sciences product development company, Senetek PLC, has made public the results of its clinical study on the capability of Kinetin and niacinamide to reverse the aging process. Conducted at the National Taiwan University Hospital, this study establishes the effectiveness of these two compounds in especially reversing the aging process in Asians.

Product Benefits
a. Clinical research shows that antioxidant Kinetin combined with B complex vitamin niacinimide can reverse the aging process.
b. The clinical trial was conducted for more than 12 weeks on 52 people.
c. The trials proved that wrinkles reduced by 41 per cent.
d. This product reduces pores and spots on the face.
e. The skin becomes more hydrated.
f. Abnormal skin redness is reduced by 10 per cent.
g. There are no side effects and can be used on all skin types.
h. It is an effective therapy for acne rosacea and xerosis.