Fashion expert Carson Kressley has a new half hour show on TV called "How to Look Good Naked". The show aims to help women overcome their negative image of their bodies and thanks to this show, women might soon be able to accept their bodies as it is and be proud of it as well. Sponsored by Keri Renewal lotions, this show has Jude Alcala as the Hair and makeup stylist. It will premier on Friday at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

Highlights of How to Look Good Naked
a. In the show, Kressley first listens to what his guests don't like about themselves.
b. Then with the help of shopping trips, spa treatments and makeovers, he begins his perception.
c. This show does not focus on plastic surgery or dramatic weight loss.
d. The host focusses on real bodies.
e. He encourages the participants to love their bodies.
f. The host has his moment when the women agree to be photographed in the nude.