Kriotherapy Centre in London is a new destination for those, who are suffering from problems like osteoporosis, sleep disorder, depression, rheumatism and asthma. Kriotherapy Centre is the place where the temperature is minus 120C to 135C and the freezing effect itself is the treatment for a list of ailments.

Procedure Highlights
a. One has to spend three minutes in a sealed room, where the temperature is -135C and for the beginners it may be -120C.
b. You have to wear a two-piece outfit, complete with long white socks, white clogs, white headband and a mask to protect you from freezing, before entering the room.
c. Soon after coming out from the room, your face will become bright red due to the expansion of blood vessels.
d. Immediately after coming out from the room, your blood circulation will be improved with immediate effect.
e. Then there will be a 20-minute session in Vibro-gym to warm up your body (it will burn off calories).
f. This treatment is not for those, who are with poor circulation, heart problems, epilepsy or claustrophobia.
g. A 10-visit package can cost you £300.
h. For more information visit: