Small things bring significant difference in your life…in your appearance. Famous "Makeup Therapist" Marcus Geeter has suggested a few makeup techniques for middle aged women, to make them look 10 years younger.

Makeup tips to look younger
a. Powder if applied thickly, can trap in fine lines magnifying their resemblance. So take note of this and use large powder brush to apply little powder.
b. Using a tinted moisturizer in place of a foundation, is better if one has clear skin.
c. For a youthful look, use liquid bronzer combined with foundation.
d. Avoid using heavy pigmented lipsticks, as they settle in fine lines of the lips.
e. As you age, reduce makeup and use neutral, earthy colors. This gives you a neat and fresh appearance.
f. To have younger looking eyes, its better to apply mascara only to the top lashes. Applying mascara to bottom lashes, will make you look aged.
g. Middle aged women should use blushes which are light, example peach and bronze. Using too much blush can make you look older.
h. Using brush on eyebrow, in place of eyebrow pencil can give a smooth appearance.
i. Using a concealer, light in texture. Avoid stick concealers.
j. Women should also have a modern cut and not have big hair, as big hair is hard to maintain and can make one look older.
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