moles-anti-aging.jpg A recent study has concluded that the presence of moles in the body may indicate the body's ability to defy the aging process. This 10 year study was conducted by the Twin Research Unit at King's College London on more than 1,800 twins and was published in the Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention.

Study Highlights
a. Researchers studied the skin and telomere length, which are biological ageing markers, of the twins.
b. It was found that twins who had more than 100 moles on their bodies had longer telemores than twins with less than 25 moles.
c. It was estimated the this difference was the reason behind reduced ageing process between six and seven years.
d. It was seen that moles tend to disappear with age.
e. It was also seen that people with greater numbers of moles in childhood lose them later on in life.
f. It was concluded that despite being at more risk from skin cancer, people with more moles are likely to live longer.