nanopass-technologies.jpg NanoPass Technologies Ltd., a biotech start-up, has managed to complete their clinical trials and introduce their products in the market. NanoPass has developed a platform for intradermal drug delivery, based on patent-pending micro-pyramid devices. NanoPass currently has 2 products the NanoCare and TheMicronJet which will be under clinical trials soon.

Products Review

NanoCare anti-aging cosmetic enhancer
a. The NanoCare cosmetic enhancer is designed for anti-aging treatments and uses the patent pending MicroPyramid design for an effective and painless abrasion of the outmost layers of the skin.
c. This mild abrasion helps in reducing the visible signs of aging and makes the skin young and healthy.

a. The MicronJet is a MicroPyramid needle-substitute designed for painless drug delivery between the layers of the skin.
b. The MicroJet allows surgeons precise control for surgeons to deliver dermal fillers between the layers of the skin.
c. It can be operated by a less qualified person also.
d. The MicronJet is less intimidating than a conventional needle and ideal for children and needle-phobic patients.