According to a recent research, there might soon be a pill in the market that may be able to fight multiple diseases and thereby activate the body's anti-aging defenses. This study was led by David Sinclair, pathologist, Harvard Medical School, and has been published in the journal Cell. Researchers studied why animals on a very low-calorie diet live longer and they came up with novel ways to duplicate the effects of these diets with a pill. Sitris Pharmaceutical, a company founded by Sinclair, is based on this research.

Highlights of the research
a. Sirtuin genes called SIRT3 and SIRT4 have been identified as being responsible for activation of the body's defenses.
b. The enzymes controlled by these genes help preserve the mitochondria, which are small energy giving organs inside cells.
c. These genes make the proteins that go into mitochondria.
d. These proteins ensure the health and youth of a person.
e. These also protect the cells from stress and DNA damage.
f. Researchers also found that fasting pushes up the levels of the NAD protein, which activates SIRT3 and SIRT4.
g. It was concluded that these two genes could be targeted by drugs to prevent diseases that are associated with the aging process.