frutaiga-health-beverage.jpg A new anti-aging, health promoting beverage product called Frutaiga has been launched in USA, by a California based company. The product is set to re-define the anti-aging products market with its all-natural components. The ingredients of Frutaiga are derived from Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgian Republic and Russia, where the natives have enjoyed the fruits of its benefits from centuries ago.

Beverage Features
a. The formulation of the Frutaiga’s juice delivery system helps in bodily absorption of the active ingredients in the beverage.
b. Its active ingredient blend Rosalean™ contains 4 plant extracts, Aralia Mandshurica, Rhodiola Rosea, Georgian Pomegrante and Caucus Bilberry Leaf. These plant ingredients have powerful anti-oxidant properties, enhance immunity, detoxify body, improve memory, sexual vitality, supports carbohydrate metabolism and cellular health.
c. The health beverage is made up of over 70 active compounds that are essential and beneficial to good health.
d. Frutaiga aids in increased tolerance toward physical & mental stress, weight loss. The beverage helps maintain muscle mass and develop stamina.
e. The recommended daily intake of Frutaiga is 1-3 ounces per day.
f. One bottle of Frutaiga is priced at $45
g. For more information on this visit or call 760-448-4966