molemate-scanner.jpg There is now a scanner that can detect skin cancer at an early stage. It has recently been made available to patients in Scotland at £100 per scan. Thanks to this device, MoleMate, physicians can now screen and evaluate moles within seconds and determine whether it is cancerous or harmless without wasting time. Manufactured by Cambridge-based Astron Clinica, founded by scientist Symon Cotton in 1998, and developed along with GP practices and Cambridge University Teaching Hospital, MoleMate now provides doctors with a clinically proven scoring system

Highlights of MoleMate
a. This is a painless hand held melanoma screening device.
b. It enables the instant analysis of the changes in the main components of skin and delivers proper and early diagnosis.It is non-invasive, fast and painless.
c. It uses light wave technology to penetrate 2mm beneath the surface of the skin.
d. Potentially harmful changes in color, blood flow, the skin pigment melanin and collagen is detected from the differences in the light waves that return.
e. It comes with a hand-held scanner and software that uses the SIAscopy skin imaging technology that scans and visualizes hemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen up to 2mm under the skin.
f. It has an easy-to-use decision support system which asks the medical professional questions about features in the haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen images that are displayed on the screen.
g. It also has the Hunter Scoring System that helps in detection of many types of suspicious lesions at the early stages.
h. The entire kit consists of a SIAscope V scanner Mole Mate software, clinical reference guide and Mole Mate user documentation.
i. It is compatible with existing Windows 2000/XP environments and is easy to install.

Procedure available at
a. Medicalternative, a private clinic in Edinburgh
b. It is also available in around around 70 other clinics in the UK.

£100 for screening and evaluation