new-anti-aging-technology.jpg The technological breakthroughs have made aesthetic procedures simpler and have come close to cater to the multitude of cosmetic needs. The number of cosmetic surgeries performed in US in 2005 stood at 10.2 million.

Non-invasive procedures zoom
The current trend the youth looking at the options available in cosmetic surgery. The innovations in new technologies have reduced the cost of cosmetic work. And the non-invasive techniques have caught fancy of the people over invasive procedures, due to low cost and low recovery time. Botox injections have increased a whopping 388 percent, and laser skin resurfacing by 59 percent, according to the ASPS.

Procedures without any scars
Gone are the days when the cosmetic procedures leave the signs of scars and marks. The laser technology in particular the Fraxel laser when applied leaves surrounding tissue intact. This laser enables procedures with less scarring and better post operative treatment.
Thermage is a new procedure using radio-frequency technology tightens skin and alter contours.

Bovine Chic
The new developments in Biotechnology have changed the phase of cosmetic procedures. With live stem cell skin therapy, obtained from bovine amniotic fluid, the cells are patted on the face and neck. The result is firm skin and youthful appearance.

Face lift for youth
For those not interested in facelift and looking for mild rejuvenation a small biodegradable implant called Endotine is affixed to bone under the skin during the midface lifting. It alters the upper cheek and lower eyelid area, the 2 areas of face that exhibit the signs of ageing first. The technique aids the people under 40, to rejuvenate the face.

Body Shots
Alternative to liposuction, a new non-surgical procedure where chemicals are used to melt fat or liquefy fat has come to use.

Permanent natural teeth
Earlier, replacement of teeth was done by screwing the crowns into the bone, which involved risks like infection from screws. Now the Nobel Biocare a Swedish firm has developed implants with titanium oxide coating . This coating fuses with bone. This in a short time becomes
part of the body. The teeth are permanent this way.

Light in the Head
A new product HairMax LaserComb a handheld device is set to be released after the FDA clearance. The device releases laser that increases blood flow to the scalp, increasing the energy in the cells there. This promotes hair growth.

Sketch of results before the procedure
3-D imaging is the new technology that enables the patients to see the preview of the results of the procedures that would be performed on them. This facilitates doctors to show the patient how they look after the procedure.