The effects of smoking have been a known fact for a long time now. It affects the health of a person and can even lead to premature death. But so far, all the anti-smoking advertisement campaigns have only focused on the health aspect. But that it can also have an effect on the beauty of a person has been brought to the public through the endeavor of NicoDerm's new anti-wrinkle ad campaign 'The Beauty of Quitting'. This campaign educates people about the many beauty side effects of smoking other than health related issues.

Promotion Highlights
a. This is the first ad campaign to highlight the effects of smoking on beauty.
b. This ad campaign gives tips on how to quit smoking.
c. It brings in the beauty factor by enlightening people on the loss of vitamins, formation of capillaries, toxification of the skin.
d. Smoking can lead to premature wrinkling around the mouth, eyes and forehead.
e. The color of the skin turns a gray ashen color.
f. It also affects the production of collagen in the skin and its elasticity.
g. Smokers are susceptible to psoriasis, discoloration of fingers and fingernails and halitosis.
h. Nicotine stays in the bloodstream for up to ten years after a person has quit the habit.
i. Nicotine is offering a free personalized beauty assessment on their website - click here to take the test