Nifty after Fifty is a unique fitness center, which caters to the physical and mental needs of those who are over 50 years. The fitness center has opened its first franchise in Whittier, California with the aim of catering to the 50plus and strengthen them both physically and mentally.

Health Clubs for 50+
a. The complete fitness condition of new members will be evaluated by specially trained fitness coaches and physical therapists.
b. A special exercise program will be designed, based on the fitness condition of the members.
c. Latest scientific advances like newly developed air pressure machines are used and in every session the members are monitored their progress.
d. The special feature of this fitness center is 'Reviving your Driving', a program to renew your driving abilities using a computer-based driving simulator.
e. It also features a program to improve mental acuity, called 'Rewinding your Minding'.
f. Other features including dance nights, makeover nights, health care lectures, movie nights, book club nights, physical therapy and a med-spa for non-surgical facial rejuvenation and body contouring and a nutritional guidance and weight control program.
g. For more information, you can contact 1-800-928-0867.