oxygen-cocktail.jpg After debut of Oxygen bars in 2001 in LasVegas, now oxygen cocktails are the latest beauty trend. Oxygen cocktails have remarkable properties of putting aging at bay, promoting good health with sparkling youthful looks.

Major Benefits
a. The ingredients of the cocktail form a soft thick foam made of glairs.
b. Oxygen cocktails promotes sound sleep, eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome and is good for the nervous system.
c. Encourages the production of collagen and elastin, the key to youthful skin.
d. Reduces hunger, burns fat fast and is effective to fight obesity.
e. Improves body metabolism and detoxifies body. The Oxygen cocktails does not cause hangovers.
f. Can be used for all irrespective of age and sex. Is very useful for sportsmen as it eliminates fatigue.
g. Even cosmetics enriched with oxygen wards of the aging signs on skin.
h. Women who are pregnant and children, have seen the positive effects from consuming Oxygen cocktails.