cosmetic-surgery-women.jpg In an emerging trend, the women over the age of 60 years are increasingly resorting for plastic surgeries to beat the signs of aging. Some of the popular plastic surgery options for those aged above 60 are;

Eyelid Surgery: The surgery involves making tiny incisions inside the upper and/or lower eyelid so that fat can be removed. It's ideal for someone with drooping upper eyelids. Could take up to 10 years off your looks. Costs about £2,500 ( approx 4,627.74 USD )

Facelift Surgery: Eliminates wrinkles and tightens jowls and saggy skin. Costs about £4,000 ( approx 7,404.39 USD ).

Breast Reduction: large breasts can be made smaller. Surgery involves removing excess fat and skin and repositioning the nipples. Costs From £4,500 ( approx 8,329.94 USD ).

Tummy Tuck: The surgery reshapes the front of the body, from the waistline to the lower abdomen. Costs around £4,250 ( approx 7,867.17 USD ).

Apart from this there are non-invasive procedures, like Botox , fillers such as Restylane and Sculptra and laser treatments to smooth wrinkles. Costs From £150 ( approx 277.665 USD ) per treatment.

Photo Source: Faires Plastic Surgery