facial-rejuvenation-procedures.jpg There are numerous options available, to rejuvenate your face. The procedures, such as radiofrequency skin tightening, or Thermage, induce collagen realignment and contraction. The result is skin contraction of the forehead, eyebrow elevation and clearly visible upper eyelids. People come out with refreshed eyes and skin changes that may slow the progression of aging.

Minimally invasive options are Botox dermal fillers and resurfacing lasers. Botox is used to relax muscles that cause the eyebrows to pull downward, freeing the brows to elevate in a more youthful arch. The latest modern resurfacing lasers are used, to improve the skin quality, regenerate collagen and promote skin contraction.

Contour Thread Lift is an FDA approved treatment for skin tightening. It involves placing stitches under the skin to lift the tissue in the desired direction. The procedure rejuvenates the mid-face and brows with spot improvement. The result lasts for many years. To achieve the most dramatic and long-lasting changes to the forehead region, the brow lift or forehead lift is very effective.