portrait-facials-pressurized-gas-therapy.jpg The Portrait Facial is a new procedure to erase wrinkles, deep lines and other aging signs on the face. You don't need to go under a knife, though it is a surgical procedure.

Procedure Highlights
a. The procedure is performed with a device, which uses pressurized gas in the place of laser light therapy.
b. A numbing gel is applied to the face before the procedure begins.
c. The procedure will stimulate the production of the collagen by letting the condensed gas into the deep layers of the skin without harming the top layer of the skin.
d. Gradually, the top layer of the skin will shed away, giving place to a new layer.
e. There will be no side effects and this procedure and is ideal for light to medium skin tones.
f. The results will last for a long time and it is not covered under insurance, as it a sheer cosmetic procedure.
g. Portrait facial costs $4000 for a full facial.