potrait-plasma-pulse.gifNorth Dallas Dermatology Associates, introduced Portrait® skin regeneration, the first and only clinically proven technology delivering real skin regeneration and is viewed as a big leap forward in the science of beauty. The center says, Patients can benefit from reduced wrinkles, skin lesions, tighter skin and improved skin tone and texture, all at the same time with the Portrait® procedure.

Dr. Hurley, who is listed in D Magazine’s listing of “Top Docs in Dallas” since 2003, says “Other treatments like chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser work at skin surface only. Portrait® works effectively at the surface as well below the skin surface activating and stimulating collagen growth deeper within the skin resulting in new, healthy skin to develop naturally”.

Portrait® is a simple procedure taking 15 – 20 minutes for a full face treatment. It is safe and effective, giving patients the desired results with an optimized downtime without the risks. What distinguishes Portrait® from other treatments is there is continuing improvement up to a year and later also.