protandim-anti-aging-pill.jpg Protandim, a new pill which has remarkable properties of arresting aging is developed by Dr.Joe McCord a biochemistry professor at the University of Colorado. Aging of the body is due to oxidative stress, which is the result of free-radicals released as cells burn food, causing cell damage. The body lacks the immunity to fight these free-radicals as we age, this eventually leads to old age and associated problems.


a. Protandim is made of 5-ingredients which include green tea, turmeric, withania somnifera and silybum )
b. Protandim helps by lowering oxidative stress and puts a check on aging.
c. Protandim is made of herbal ingredients and does not require FDA approval
d. 30 day supply of Protandim costs $49.95

However further studies are underway to determine the effectiveness of Protandim in prolonging the lifespan and countering age-related diseases like Diabetes, heart diseases etc.