Smoking is highly addictive and nobody knows this better than a person trying to kick this habit. Besides being addictive it is also very dangerous for the body. A smoker inhales serious toxins into their body and ammonia and acetone are just two of them. The harmful toxins not only affect the health but also show their effects on the skin. Women who quit smoking see the results within minutes of their quitting smoking.

Health Benefits
a. According to recent surveys, 70 per cent of adult smokers try to kick the habit.
b. A single stick of cigarette contains 4,700 chemical compounds.
c. Quitting smoking aids in body’s ability to produce more collagen.
d. The toxins that enter the body due to smoking is carried by the blood to all parts of the body.
e. Smoking related diseases are the cause of death for almost 440,000 Americans per year.
f. A person's sense of taste and smell improves 48 hours after quitting.
g. A person finds it easier to breathe 72 hours after quitting.
h. Blood circulation in the body improves after 2 to 12 weeks of quitting.
i. After 10 years of quitting, most damaging effects of smoking is reversed.
j. Some of the common effects of smoking are increase in heart rate and increased risk of heart attack, lung cancer and stroke.