The human body starts to age by the age of 35. Genes, lifestyle, diet and environment factors often contribute to this decline. H-Scan 820 is a revolutionary device helps physicians in their anti-aging treatments by pinpointing vulnerable areas related to the aging process. It helps establish a patient's biological age on the basis of their functioning capacity. This device has been received with great enthusiasm by doctors and patients alike.

Highlights of the H-Scan 820
a. This device can provide a reading of a person's functional age.
b. It tests 12 biomarkers in a person to come to an accurate conclusion. To see the 12 biomarkers used, click here
c. It measures the internal or biological age of a person.
d. It tests a person's reflexes, decision taking time, sense of touch, muscle coordination, lung capacity and exhalation rate.
e. It also tests the sense of hearing, sight and short term memory of a person.
f. The tests take about an hour.
g. It is a reliable method.
h. This is an easy to operate device where the instrument hardware is connected to a computer.
i. The computer screen exhibits the results of the tests.
j. The instructions are easy to follow and this device can be operated by almost anyone.

a. Price of the H-Scan 820 is $23,750