sex-hormone-supplements-anti-aging-pills.jpg It is quite normal that when one crosses 30 the hormones testosterone in men and DHEA in both the men and women will decrease and slowly leads you to aging gradually. A research conducted to know whether the replacement of sex hormones can stifle aging process and improve one's sex drive.

The research unfolded some following interesting facts:

a. The using of pills and patches with DHEA and testosterone have not given any positive results like stifling aging process or improving sexual ability.
b. Men and women who have been on trial for two years have not shown any promised results but the levels of hormones have increased in them.
c. The researches have not noticed any side effects with the usage of hormone pills and patches (though there are no positive results).

However, experts suggested that maintaining a good diet with fitness regimen, good night's sleep will help you keep good health.