There is now a pillowcase that can apparently delay the ageing process. Silkskin was the result of Linda Thompson's quest to find relief for her mother who was suffering from severe scleroderma, a rare skin disorder. These hypoallergenic pillowcases have today become the latest beauty obsession and a celebrity must have

Highlights of Silkskin
a. This is a 100 per cent hypoallergenic silk pillowcase.
b. It can delay the ageing process and prevent 'bed-head'.
c. It helps the skin breathe naturally and hydrate itself while one is sleeping.
d. The 18 amino acids in silk help protect and maintain moisture levels of the skin.
e. It is ideal for people prone to allergies and Eczema.
f. People with sensitive, dry or itchy skin can also benefit from it.
g. These pillowcases can be used with existing textiles and fabrics of the bed.
h. It is available in a neutral color.
i. The size of the pillowcase is 52cm x 82cm.
j. It does not contain any added chemicals or dyes.
k. It reduces wrinkles and lines and prevents 'bed head' and thinning hair.

Harvey Nichols in Dublin or online at

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